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Victorville Park University Launches Organizational Training Services

The leading online education provider’s new training resources are designed to help organizations realize their learning initiatives without a major investment Online PR News – 07-March-2017 – Miami, FL – Victorville Park University, one of the leading online universities announced the launch of its custom training development services. This new enterprise leverages VPU’s expertise in education and working with adult learners to provide organizations with flexible and low risk training solutions that support their strategic learning objectives.

“Most organizations understand that employee training is essential to their overall growth and sustainability,” said Dr. Becky Tinker, Communication Manager at Victorville Park University, “but many do not have the in-house resources, time, or budget for such a major undertaking. By utilizing the education experts at VPU, organizations can effective delivery a training program that meets their schedule, budget, and goals.”

VPU’s new training development services are a cost-effective way for organizations to fulfill their specific needs. Programs are built based on learning outcomes identified to meet each organization’s goals, and can incorporate almost any subject matter or professional development area that facilitates their success. Victorville Park University is able to assist in the development of individual trainings, larger learning initiatives, or can provide full scale and continuous staff development and advancement services with little to no investment from client organizations. Victorville Park University can also help organizations conduct existing trainings more efficiently through online delivery; and learners may be eligible to earn college credit after successful completion of some courses. At the conclusion of each course, project, or learning initiative, the Organizational Training Services will deliver a metrics-based Leadership Report that provides measurable data on the staff’s learning experiences.

Its staff of over 50 professionals is dedicated to providing the quality services needed to address a range of organizational challenges in a variety of workplace settings. In every respect, the training services are designed to provide a quiet, productive and stimulating learning environment. The centre possesses the most current and fully-equipped learning resources and facilities for students and staff. All classrooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment for a variety of learning media. A well-stocked library and online learning resources are also available at the Training Centre. The programs offered at the centre cover many of the operational skills related to the business industry, plus developmental areas such as customer service, leadership, presentation, call centre, negotiation, marketing and selling skills.

“Our university’s mission is to advance student success in the workplace through education,” continued Dr. Tinker. “Our ability to help organization’s train and develop their employees’ skills and abilities speaks directly to this vision.”

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